Wednesday, February 22, 2006


And here's the translation (you'll have to keep track of the emoticons on the screenshot while reading this though):
Steffo: [smiley]
Steffo: [smiley]
KOiN: [lots of smileys]
Steffo: wtf, duck my ass
Steffo: [smiley]? seriously?
KOiN: mail
Steffo: wtf?
Steffo: The pig is a and-sign
KOiN: some fucks even move around
Steffo: The duck is "duck" within a parenthesis
Steffo: That last fella is a at-sign with a colon ahead of it
Steffo: (bird) [an attempt to generate a smiley for KOiN]
KOiN: [smiley]
Steffo: ???
KOiN: Steffo: (bird)
Steffo: damn
KOiN: ( bird ) [notice the extra spaces]
Steffo: ;D [again, an attempt to generate a smiley for KOiN]
KOiN: ; D
Steffo: x|
KOiN: x |
Steffo: What are you doing?
KOiN: What you are sending to me.
Steffo: But you add an extra space in them?
Steffo: :/ [Again, an attempt to generate a smiley for KOiN]
KOiN: Exactly, because that's what they look like.
Steffo: Uhm, ok.
Steffo: :)
KOiN: If I type x| you'd get n x| and not an x |

After this I told KOiN that I don't have emoticons enabled...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


and I are very upset. Swedes have this naughty habit of "spelling" (or misspelling) english words in a swedish manner. Site -> sajt. Mail -> mejl. Kind of like if we'd spell garage as garasch, me and mattias concluced. Or, well, he did, and I understood.

Yesterday I fell, now I can't walk properly, and it for sure "si teh sux". It was slippery as hell yesterday, someone ought to do something about it! And oh, I picked up my drivers license!