Tuesday, October 25, 2005

London = soptipp?

Ok, so Malcolm is another SynthMaker developer and I was explaining how to reduce aliasing noise in a wavetable oscillator by "cheating" and integrating the waveform and using the average over time instead of ordinary sampled data. And suddenly this happened...

22:30:59 malc: integrate as in maths?

22:31:00 steffo: Ok :(
22:31:13 steffo: Yeah, loop through the wave and do this
22:31:29 steffo: Sample[i] = sample[i-1] + sample[i]
22:31:37 steffo: That's discrete integration that is!
22:31:51 steffo: You probably want to start at i == 1 :)

22:32:12 malc: thanks for the tip

22:32:31 steffo: So, you want something that does this each time you load a sample

22:33:01 malc: ok...hmm...can we do this in SM I wonder

22:33:36 steffo: Hm. There's no code stage that triggers on compile...
22:33:41 steffo: Or such...

22:33:58 malc: stage 1 I think

22:34:09 steffo: Anna has chosen a swedish word for you to learn. Mainly because she's bored :)
soptipp is the word
22:34:19 steffo: It's pronounced soup-tip

22:35:11 malc: ok.....and it means?

22:35:35 steffo: Dump? Garbage dump? Or whatever you call it. London?

22:35:54 malc: we always called it the tip

22:35:56 steffo: Anna just told me that we can come and visit and stay at your place, in soptipp

22:36:00 malc: (no soup involved)

22:36:21 steffo: "The tip", why the the? Is there only one? London?

22:36:31 malc: Oh, I get it now

22:36:32 steffo: There's plenty of soptippar here, but just one capital city

22:36:40 steffo: Which you call the tip???

Oh well...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Word verification min stjärt!

Wtf? How am I supposed to do word verification on something like this?

And no, it's not "wwksnel"... That one failed. Oh. Anna says it should be "vwwksnel", oh well.


My parents are now goners. It was nice having them here, and we managed to get rid of the freezer we had in the living room and the broken dish washer in the kitchen. We've added two cupboards in the kitchen, one in the ceiling and one that we used to extend our kitchen sink to 160cm, we also integrated our _working_ dish washer into that one, which turned out great. My dad fixed two power outlets as well, so now all you visitors don't have to be scared of getting an electrical shock when being here. The last thing we did was that me and my dad went to Askim (of all places) and bought a new tube of gas.

All in all, a very good weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Almost done

With the review of Blue, and it was actually quite fun to write this one. Even if I slag it off more than people probably expect me to. And that's what I stayed home doing yesterday night while Anna was out with Oscar, Robert and a bunch of chicks I really don't know at all.

Tomorrow my parents are coming to stay here until sunday, which is good, because we need to get rid of this old freezer we have standing in the living room. We have no use for it, eventhough it's from the 60's and still working. If you want it, give us a holler. We might even get around to get a new board for the kitchen bench, we need to elongate it a bit so that we can mount the dishwasher under the bench. But I think mom and dad wants to see more of Gothenburg this time, and not just do chores, like they usually get to do when they visit :)

And, oh! On the 31th I'll be having my first driving lesson, I've booked the first 20, usually two in a row per day, so hopefully I'll be having a drivers lesson soon enough. I'll be the master of korsvägen! Or so I've heard...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The computer is here

It arrived yesterday at 18:10, so I took the tram out to hisingen. The hisingen tram sucks, but it's nice to have a working computer again. Now I just need to get all my equipment hooked up and running again, shouldn't take too long.

Helene and Johan was here for lunch and socializing, which was nice, and I might do something tonight with Mattias, but we'll see. Anna still doesn't know if she'll be going out or not, and I don't want to leave her being all alone. Granted, the three of us could always do something together!

Update: We'll meet up at noon and hang there!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nice party

Anna had a party in the apartment yesterday. About 20 or so of her class mates was here when me and Mattias got back from playing pool, pinball and dancing on dance mats. I won all pool rounds, lost all pinball rounds and totally sucked at dance mat. But whattahey, I still kicked arse in pool.

The party was really nice actually, Anna's got nice class mates, and the apartment wasn't messy at all when you consider how many people that were here. Most people left around half past eleven or so and moved on to a club called "nivå", later on, when me, Anna and Oscar went there as well we couldn't find them. So obviously, everyone had left. I must say that nivå is probably the single worst club I've ever sat foot in. It was just awful. Eventhough I liked some of the tunes they were playing and so forth, the people and the "setting" got me in a detesting mood. But I guess most clubs along avenyn (the "main" street in gothenburg) are just as bad. I prefer the indie/synth/ebm/gabber clubs :)

Today I've been a good boy, eventhough I got up kindof late, I cleaned up the apartment, so all cans and bottles and plastic bags etc are goners now. I even went out and bought new light bulbs for the crystal chandelier that I put up yesterday. Now we actually have got some decent lightning in the living room, so yay for that!

A new version of Synthmaker (see my links section) was released today, actually including some stuff made by me, also, Vemberaudios ( new synth is coming out. Unfortunately, since my computer broke down and I still haven't got the new one, my patches for it can't be included in this initial release. Hopefully we'll be able to release them later on, in an update or a patch pack.

A new modem from Bredbandsbolaget has arrived, but I can't pick it up until after 17:00, so it'll have to wait. Hopefully this will mean that we'll be able to have internet AND phone access simultaenously, but I somehow doubt it :)

Anna's out caféing with her sister, and later on she got other business to attend to. I guess I'll have to try some more errands to take care of in the mean time. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


First off: Thanks to Eris for the design. If I only could figure out how to get rid of the background without adding bugs. Now on to the whining.

How tiresome is this?
One of our neighbours has got two storage compartments. We have none. The manager says that none should have two compartments, and yet they refuse to give theirs up. So here we are, having all our (mostly mine though, I'm the one bying computers, stereos and whatnots) boxes spread out in the apartment. We said (to the neighbours) that they could keep stuff in the compartment, but that they can't keep the actual compartment as theirs. They just got mad and said that we'd speak to each other no more.

Also, our insurance company (länsförsäkringar) won't help us fixing the floor. We were in Halmstad over the weekend, and when we got home, our brass lamp had dropped down on the floor, leaving a hole in the wood. But Länsförsäkringar will only help us if the floor is damaged by water or fire, according to themselves. I called up Trygghansa, who said that they would cover these kinds of issues. I've been with Trygghansa in the past, and they are much more of a "no-questions-asked" company. We will most likely switch back to them. They are a bit more expensive, otoh, they seem to be much more helpful and the excess is lower.

Still no computer, last word is that it should be here on the 14th or 15th. Somehow I have doubts, but am hoping for the best.

Goddamn this apartment is a mess...

PS. So I write in English (Anna doesn't, nor does her classmates. I aim for the international market though...), sue me. DS.