Tuesday, October 11, 2005


First off: Thanks to Eris for the design. If I only could figure out how to get rid of the background without adding bugs. Now on to the whining.

How tiresome is this?
One of our neighbours has got two storage compartments. We have none. The manager says that none should have two compartments, and yet they refuse to give theirs up. So here we are, having all our (mostly mine though, I'm the one bying computers, stereos and whatnots) boxes spread out in the apartment. We said (to the neighbours) that they could keep stuff in the compartment, but that they can't keep the actual compartment as theirs. They just got mad and said that we'd speak to each other no more.

Also, our insurance company (länsförsäkringar) won't help us fixing the floor. We were in Halmstad over the weekend, and when we got home, our brass lamp had dropped down on the floor, leaving a hole in the wood. But Länsförsäkringar will only help us if the floor is damaged by water or fire, according to themselves. I called up Trygghansa, who said that they would cover these kinds of issues. I've been with Trygghansa in the past, and they are much more of a "no-questions-asked" company. We will most likely switch back to them. They are a bit more expensive, otoh, they seem to be much more helpful and the excess is lower.

Still no computer, last word is that it should be here on the 14th or 15th. Somehow I have doubts, but am hoping for the best.

Goddamn this apartment is a mess...

PS. So I write in English (Anna doesn't, nor does her classmates. I aim for the international market though...), sue me. DS.

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