Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nice party

Anna had a party in the apartment yesterday. About 20 or so of her class mates was here when me and Mattias got back from playing pool, pinball and dancing on dance mats. I won all pool rounds, lost all pinball rounds and totally sucked at dance mat. But whattahey, I still kicked arse in pool.

The party was really nice actually, Anna's got nice class mates, and the apartment wasn't messy at all when you consider how many people that were here. Most people left around half past eleven or so and moved on to a club called "nivå", later on, when me, Anna and Oscar went there as well we couldn't find them. So obviously, everyone had left. I must say that nivå is probably the single worst club I've ever sat foot in. It was just awful. Eventhough I liked some of the tunes they were playing and so forth, the people and the "setting" got me in a detesting mood. But I guess most clubs along avenyn (the "main" street in gothenburg) are just as bad. I prefer the indie/synth/ebm/gabber clubs :)

Today I've been a good boy, eventhough I got up kindof late, I cleaned up the apartment, so all cans and bottles and plastic bags etc are goners now. I even went out and bought new light bulbs for the crystal chandelier that I put up yesterday. Now we actually have got some decent lightning in the living room, so yay for that!

A new version of Synthmaker (see my links section) was released today, actually including some stuff made by me, also, Vemberaudios ( new synth is coming out. Unfortunately, since my computer broke down and I still haven't got the new one, my patches for it can't be included in this initial release. Hopefully we'll be able to release them later on, in an update or a patch pack.

A new modem from Bredbandsbolaget has arrived, but I can't pick it up until after 17:00, so it'll have to wait. Hopefully this will mean that we'll be able to have internet AND phone access simultaenously, but I somehow doubt it :)

Anna's out caféing with her sister, and later on she got other business to attend to. I guess I'll have to try some more errands to take care of in the mean time. Cheers!

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