Monday, November 27, 2006

This will not become a long-lasting trend...

First Rihanna used Soft Cells cover recording of "Tainted Love" as the basis for her tune "S.O.S.", and she executed it in a fairly decent manner.

Now Jamelia tries to do what Rihanna did and uses Depeche Modes "Personal Jesus" as the basis for her tune "beware of the dog", and it's just horrible. She's not just ripping off Depeche Mode, but mainly she's ripping of Rihanna's way of singing, way of doing new drums to an old track and the general whole thingy mojo.

See it on youtube.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I've finally seen it. And it scares the shit out of you.
I'm left with my head filled with these questions.
Can anything be done? Or is the catastrophe by now totally inevitable?
Will Sweden still be habitable in like 50 years time? Or will our cities be covered under water or ice?
Why do our governments suck so hard? Someone ought to legislate totally against all the "bad" polluting stuff. It should not be economically feasible for someone to drive their car every day without sharing it with others. It does not matter that we cannot "afford" it. It's either a collapse of our national economy or a collapse of the global environment. As it stands today, we, and our government, are picking the latter. Because we don't want to give up our conveniences. We don't want to be troubled. We suck.

I sincerely hope that the oil crisis will come really soon and that it will bring our production, economy and world population increment to an halt. There's too many of us, doing way too stupid and bad short sighted things. When my parents were born in the 1940's there were about two billions of us here on this planet. It took us what? About 20 000 years to get to the two billion mark (which ofcourse is what it also took us to reach the one billion mark, around the late 1800's). It took us about 60 years to get from there to the six billion mark. I expect it'll end up with lots of people dying.

And, oh, I almost forgot. The ice on Greenland, Arctica and Antarctica is melting. It's not about whether it will start to melt or not. It is melting, and if it doesn't stop melting, polar bears will be left with no ground to stand on, global sea levels will increase (if just the ice on Greenland goes, they estimate that sea levels will rise 6 meters (20ft)), and the gulf stream might be at stake. Without the gulf stream, northern Europe (were I live) might end up being too cold to sustain a decent life, or even be covered in ice, that's what happened the last time the gulf stream stopped. But then, that time, it wasn't due to this kind of global worming.

Regarding to the few skeptics that still believe this is a "cyclical phenomenon" have a look at this graph, showing the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere for the past 650 000 years:

Blatantly snapped from

Anyway, you're probably just bored by this. See the movie instead. Or live in blessed ignorance, you're probably better off that way.

Monday, November 13, 2006

PlayStation 3 Buzz

The openness of the PS3 is obviously more endorsed by Sony than I first thought:

I also particularly like how they've made sure you can use the PSP as a remote control:
Remote Play

But, most of all, you can install third party operating systems:
Install Other OS

Like for instance Yellow Dog Linux! I guess one will be able to use a USB TV Tuner and for instance Freevo as well.

I will however wait until others have tried using the PS3 for all these things, especially as a generic media center.

Monday, November 06, 2006

SynthMaker 1.0 is out!

Finally SynthMaker version 1.0 is out!
Some screens from it:

"SynthMaker is the ultimate sound synthesizer. Create your own instruments and effects to use in your music or to share with others. Learn about and experiment with sound synthesis and digital signal processing techniques."

Check it out!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I came in second with my synth Anna!

The KVR Developer Challenge

\o/ !!!!!!!

I did not expect this and it rocks! Also congrats to all other winners and participants, and a huge thanks to Tuz who arranged the whole thing. Cheers!