Thursday, October 05, 2006

I made this!

I've just recently released a software synthesizer called Anna (yeah!), and it's fancy stuff!
It's "a Subtractive, FM and WaveGeneration hybrid synthesizer capable of a wide range of sounds thanks to its versatile oscillators, flexible routing scheme and extensive modulation capabilities."

Extensive list of features:
  • Four oscillators capable of complex waveforms, utilizing internal frequency modulation
    with separate waveforms and frequencies for the carrier and modulator.
  • Spread knob on oscillators, running three detuned oscillators internally in the oscillator,
    resulting in a total of up to 12 oscillators.
  • Two multi-mode filters with 14 different modes and internal filter overdrive.
  • Pitch tracking of the filters, allows the user to ”play” the filters.
  • Four multi-mode LFO's with random, waveform and step sequencer modes.
  • Four modulation envelopes with basic and multi-point modes, user-defined slopes for each
    of the stages and looped sustain section.
  • Extensive modulation matrix with 16 slots. Modulation sources include oscillator and filter
    outputs (all modulations are ”audio rate”).
  • Frequency Modulation XY-pad defining the following oscillator frequency modulations:
    oscillator 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3 and 3 > 4.
  • Effects section with fully parametric two-band equalizer, two modulated stereo delays with
    four-band filter control in the feedback loop and cross-feedback between the two delay units
    and a crusher unit capable of sample rate reduction, bit resolution distortion (not the
    standard kind, sounds more like a broken transistor radio) and distortion. The order of the
    effects is user-definable.
  • Auto-disabling of unused sections to reduce CPU usage.
Head over to the product page here!

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