Wednesday, June 21, 2006

IKEA & Mid summer For Teh Win!!!

This is _easily_ the best IKEA commercial I have ever seen.


Der Swedische Midsommar

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Effin Oddy Ell!
This is getting so tiresome.

No, I will not tell you what it is.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yesterday me and Mattias went to a Håkan Hellström concert on Lindholmen (it was the grahd finale for the Volvo Ocean Race). What a mighty fine concert it was! Such a happy guy on stage, he's friggin contagious I tell thee.

Unfortunately I'm in the middle of a work-work-work period now. I had to go home quite early after the concert, and there's very little spare time to spend at the moment.

And, oh, me and Anna has fallen in love with Art Brut. What an awesome band. You must check them out!
I love these parts of their lyrics:
"I have seen her naked, twice!
I have seen her naked, TWICE!"
From Good Weekend
And this one:
"My little brother just discovered rock'n'roll.
My little brother just discovered rock'n'roll.
My little brother just discovered rock'n'roll.
He's only twenty-two, and he's out of control!"
From.. Well. The tune My Little Brother.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What a weekend it has been!

We finished it off with checking out the new mall "Allum" in partille. Quite a good mall complex, but not the perfect day for such activities. Way too good weather. So we ended the day with a bunch of hours in Slottskogen where we SUPER-RELAXED in our FLOCKED RELAX LOUNGERS. Lots of people came forward and asked us where we'd bought them and even more people commented on how cool they where and how SUPER-RELAXED we seemed. And indeed, we were!

Today when I got up it was 20 degrees (celsius) warm outside already. Hm... On a hot day it's usually like 15 in the morning. This can't be good :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

We're such IKEA bitches!

Time for more driving around! On the agenda today we got IKEA, Plantagen (Flowers and trees and such stuffs) and maybe Hornbach. Ah, those germans are totally mental. Yippeyahyah YippeyieppeYeah!

And, oh, Art Brut is an awesome band.

"I have seen her naked, twice!
I have seen her naked, TWICE!!!"

And this part is also effin splendid:
"My little brother just discovered rock'n'roll
My little brother just discovered rock'n'roll
My little brother just discovered rock'n'roll
He's only twenty-two, and he's out of control!"

Friday, June 09, 2006

Driving FTW!

Driving ROCKS!

Today I drove totally alone for the first time. When I picked up the car. It was a bit nerv wracking, but after that I've been quite a breezer! First we went to freeport (outlet thingy) which kindof sucked more than we remembered that it did. But after that we drove to Linné, parked (for free. Environment class FTW as well!!!) right by the side of the road, ate some greek bbq food, and then drove home and found ourself another free parking space. Which took a while because there's cars packed friggin everywhere. But now it's time to go out for... A walk, believe you me!

Vroom vroom!

It's almost about time now! Looking forward to it, I just hope that I don't make a darn fool of myself when picking it up!

Meep meep!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ford Focus FFV

Tonight I'll pick up the rental me and Anna will have over the weekend. The fee for renting it friday to monday is about 30€ (plus mileage). It's a "environment class 1" car, which for us basically means we need to fill it with ethanol (which is quite a lot cheaper than petrol) and that we can park for free almost everywhere.

I haven't drove a car for quite some time now, so I'm both a bit nervous and excited. More excited than nervous, looking forward driving around, just me and Anna (and maybe her sister, we'll see).

The party yesterday

So Anna had a bunch of her classmates over for a party last night. They had just had their last exam for this semester and now it's all summer break for them. Unfortunately I however still have a job to get up to in the morning, so I couldn't get one hundred percent into the partying. Got to bed quite early and so forth. But it was quite a pleasant evening all in all, and they all seemed to have a jolly time!

The best picture however must be this one. Robert, you're such a poser.

edit: pictures removed. I mean... It's not like they even got a say in whether they want to have their faces posted on a blog on the internet or not. So I just removed them instead.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Spreadsheets

Heh. They just keep on roaming, don't they? Now they've basically started entering the "office suite" territory for real. Google Spreadsheets supports both xls and cvs, online collabitory spreadsheets, shared spreadsheets etc.

The only things I still find somewhat missing from Googles products is a more centralized approach (I don't want to open a whole lot of browser windows just to both see my mail, get calendar notifications and so forth) and GUI customization. Compare for instance Google's Personlized Home with Netvibes. Choosable templates or something similar would be the bomb.

There's been a pooload of discussions in media in Sweden about the current state of our copyright laws and its issues. It's the expected aftermath after the raid on The Pirate Bay. I have lots of comments on the subject but I'd like to sort some of the out some more before commenting on the matter.

Not sure I will do it even then. I prefer talking about hammer drills and inflatable armchairs!!!

OOOOOH. I hope there one day will be inflatable hammer drills and whatnots!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our castle!

Check it out, as I previously promised, here's some swell photographs from when me and Anna went up to "Annedals castle" or whatever it might be called. I've wanted to go up there for quite some time, and when I finally got around to do it, Anna wanted to join me!

I do not know what the building actually is supposed to be or why it was built. It has got no windows and its only entrance is firmly and securely bolted shut. IF I'd HAVE to venture a guess I'd say that they probably locked some Swedish-norwegian (from the time of the alliance) wizard and/or witch in there, so that they'd stop pestering the boys and girls of Annedal. But I'm not really sure about this, and I have never heard any such story about our small castle.

The "sunny view" picture looks out over Nilssonsberg (where we live) and you can see another "castle" (more of a fortification really) called Skansen Kronan.

The picture from my birthday party sucked really hard, so I won't put them up here.


My Google Pages updated

If you're not into computer based music making, just ignore this post because it will be a bloody boring read for you.

Today I added a page about my dual-band Compressor/Expander and four band parametric equalizer over at my googlepages page. No mp3 examples etc yet, I guess it will have to wait. But if you head over there you can go to a kvraudio thread (link on the Compressor & Eq page) and download the latest versions.

Been meaning to release new versions of both VST plugins for a while, but first I lost some of the work I made to the compressor (I have catched up now though!) which made my motivation drop for a day or two and I need to find a good way to improve stability in the filters in the equalizer. Which is boring, hence I haven't gotten around to it just yet.

And, oh. Signed up for Google Analytics today, because it seems way cooler than statcounter. I'll let you know how it turns out when I've gotten my invitation from them.


This will be utterly awesome!

I just MUST get me and anna a couple of these (150kr @ rusta):
Instant inflatable chill-out sweetness! Perfect for our upcoming slottskogen ownage sessions! Ah, the delightfulness I'd recieve out of sitting in one of these with a beer in my hand and my steffoblaster playing surf-rock.