Sunday, May 28, 2006

Virtual Voices

Wohoopiidooh! They're active again!
Just head over to their homepage to download their songs in mp3 format. For free. Awesome party synth pop with funny lyrics and wonderfully awful vocals! ^iloveit^ !

Time to go home, eat some pizza and then try to get some strips up. I never seem to get that finished :(

I will post some pictures from my birthday party and from when me and Anna went to that small castle upon the big hill right where we lives.


Jo för apan är hans bäste vän, ingenting kan skilja dem åt.
Apan är hans bäste vän, ingenting kan skilja dem åt.
Apan var hans bäste vän, döden skiljde dem åt :(
Jo för apan var hans bäste vän, bären skiljde dem åt :(
- Virtual Voices

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Utilization complete!

I have now utilized the grand birthday present I briefly mentioned in my previous post.

For lunch I had: potatoes au gratin, two huge pieces of loin of pork (how I love them loins!), two big tomatoes and a whole bunch of bernaise sauce!

I feel like a winner!

"I got the flashlight. You got nothing."

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Gotten my first presents! 2.5 dl bearnaise sauce and a CD with a song about me wanting "berne" ! Awesome start! Thank you Karl!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

In the summer time when the weather is hot

Ah! What a mighty fine weekend! On friday me, Anna, Mattias and two friends of ours hung out in Slottskogen, then afterwards me and Mattias went clubbing (where we also met a few, variously knackered, work-mates of mine, a good night out it was!). On saturday me and Anna went to Röda Sten with Anna's sister and her boyfriend, followed by a visit to hagabion's café for some leisure-filled dining. Then today we went to Slottskogen again. Oh how we adore that place. Hooked up with Mattias again, and a while later two friends of his joined us. Met a few other friends while being there as well. The perfect place for people-you-know-spotting I dare say!

Anyhoo, time to put an end to this marvelous weekend.

PS. Right! Almost forgot, I must have a brain-melt (which, ofcourse, is the opposite of brain-freeze but about just as bad, perfomance-wise) because my memory is slipping. The nice temperature log is courtesy of DS.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Link for swedes only, sorry:

In short, in Sweden we have a public work recruit agency. A huge one I might add. Now a survey has been made, and the conclusion is that they manage to negotiate one new job per agent and year. The rest they do is just expensive fluff.