Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The drivers license theory exam. So hoorays and yays for me! And I've done a brief cleaning of the entire apartment. Or. Well. No. Not the bedroom. But the rest!

Monday, November 28, 2005

The white stuff!

It's all here and all fluffy! Took these pictures just a few minutes ago, the flakes makes it harder for the camera though, since they get all bright when they're close to the lense.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


My head so is!

Yesterday me and Mattias went out to "sisjön" and played pinball, drank beer and ate sausage and snacks. I think I lost the pinball competition, but I probably won the beer one. I drank way too much to feel even sligthly alert today, but I did enjoy myself yesterday, which somehow counts a little bit!

Annas two blog posts yesterday rocked! She's trying to tell me that they weren't that funny after all, but I thought they were. And there was a picture of me and everything.

Time to make some coffee to cure the achings!

Monday, November 21, 2005


The "We've been in Halmstad during the weekend" post was probably a better read than the last one. The ducks are kick-arse and everything. I should have more pictures of me myself with ducks taken. I have one with me and some squirrels, I'll try to get that one up.


Lakrits are messing with the god-damn-designer-lamp. Not ok. He should go to bed too.

How long is a cable?

185.2 meters.

Today I've reconnected my speakers with new cables. Ordinary electrical cable, since the audiophiles are clueless. 50meters was used, so I didn't actually use a whole cables length of cable.

Also I've cleaned the kitchen, yay! Waiting for my Panasonic PT-AE700 to get back from the repair shop sucks, got a call today regarding the issue and ETA is in 10-14 days. But atleast I've now gotten rid of most of the cable mess in the living room, and we got some neat christmas ligthing going on, a bit too early, but it's cozy so we don't give a.

Somehow I'm making a tune for a 64k demo that's supposed to be released at trsac. I went electro or something.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

We've been in Halmstad during the weekend

Picture directly stolen from Annas blog!

It is I and them birds!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

SM Compressor 001 beta

Disclaimer: This is only of interest for people using synthmaker or VST plugins when making music.

So, with the latest version of SynthMaker we added a new compressor module to the toolbox.

This is a beta release of that module, but with a customized GUI, and it looks like this:

Main features:
Stereo, two-band compressor.
Four different modes:
Upward compression
Downward compression
Upward expansion
Downward expansion
Soft Saturation on output
Tweakable cross-over frequency
High/Low band compressor output mix
Threshold/attack/release/ratio controls
Tweakable Look-ahead

The graphical bug on the meters is a known bug and we will fix it later on.
Also there's some denormal issues that I will take care of.

Any comments that can be useful to me (and the rest of the SynthMaker team, but primarily me since I'm responsible for the compressor :)) are most welcome.

Get the dll!

Thread about the compressor module here.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Here come them bling-blings

AdSense earnings: $0.01


I'm expecting an exponential increase and world domination.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Road signs

There's 164 regular ones. Different ones. And then the supplementary signs. And the "other signs" as well.

Fortunately, almost all of the signs are self-explanatory.

Today, I've been quite a good boy. Got up at 8, had a driving lesson at 10.15, bought Anna some literature on the way home, cleaned up the apartment after the "post-exam party" Annas class had yesterday, and now I'm studying.

Getting hungry though. Anna mentioned junk-food before going to the university, I hope she still has the cravings for it when she gets home.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Party = no party

Ok. So I'm taking driving lessons now. The next one tomorrow at 10.15.

Which means that I can't party in the middle of the week. Which is ok. But there's a party in our apartment right now. And seriously, it's boring to not be able to party when everyone else is getting drunk. Darnit. So I try to hide here, by the computer. But they will find me, I just know they will. And drag me back to the party, where I'm the boring guy.

Thing is, it's easy to have fun while being sober. And while being drunk. What's hard is to have fun with people that are drunk when you're not. You're just not at the same level (or lack of level) as the rest.

I might post some recordings I made later on.

Here's a quote from one I made (they didn't know I was recording):
"Kan ni spela delsboligan? Eller vasani?
Va sa vi?
Kan ni spela delsboligan?
Han sa "det är som att ligga med min flickvän"
Jaha... Skiiiitirerå!"


Driving lesson

Was great fun. I've already been driving in korsvägen! So there! HAH! (this was the first time I drove in traffic for about 10 years).


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This is so fat. Now I'll get rich by blogging. Because I got AdSense. So far I've earned $0.00, so it can only get better from here. Awesome. Serious, kick-ass awesome.

Today I visited a game developer here in Gothenburg. Which was really nice. Yesterday Jorge helped me in coding components in SynthMaker, which was fun. KVR has been boring lately, too little interesting DSP talk :)

Robert and Oscar seems to think I don't blog often enough. But wtf, Oscar writes about 10 posts per day, so he doesn't get a say in this.