Tuesday, October 31, 2006

He really do love them

The boxes that is. Even more swell if you barely can fit in them. He enjoys bags too, but boxes seems to be what he loves the most. If you just let one lie on the floor, he will claim it his and sit in it whenever he finds himself out of other things to do (sleep or hassle our other cat, kapris). Unless you make an effort to make the box cosy with a blanket or something, then it's all of a sudden utterly uninteresting to him.

Here he is, in all his glory!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Music Charts!

The most important and cultivated chart of them all has been launched.
My Weekly Top 10. You can from now on see which artists I've been listening to the most during the last week, whenever you want to. Courtesy of Sweeeet.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I made this!

I've just recently released a software synthesizer called Anna (yeah!), and it's fancy stuff!
It's "a Subtractive, FM and WaveGeneration hybrid synthesizer capable of a wide range of sounds thanks to its versatile oscillators, flexible routing scheme and extensive modulation capabilities."

Extensive list of features:
  • Four oscillators capable of complex waveforms, utilizing internal frequency modulation
    with separate waveforms and frequencies for the carrier and modulator.
  • Spread knob on oscillators, running three detuned oscillators internally in the oscillator,
    resulting in a total of up to 12 oscillators.
  • Two multi-mode filters with 14 different modes and internal filter overdrive.
  • Pitch tracking of the filters, allows the user to ”play” the filters.
  • Four multi-mode LFO's with random, waveform and step sequencer modes.
  • Four modulation envelopes with basic and multi-point modes, user-defined slopes for each
    of the stages and looped sustain section.
  • Extensive modulation matrix with 16 slots. Modulation sources include oscillator and filter
    outputs (all modulations are ”audio rate”).
  • Frequency Modulation XY-pad defining the following oscillator frequency modulations:
    oscillator 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3 and 3 > 4.
  • Effects section with fully parametric two-band equalizer, two modulated stereo delays with
    four-band filter control in the feedback loop and cross-feedback between the two delay units
    and a crusher unit capable of sample rate reduction, bit resolution distortion (not the
    standard kind, sounds more like a broken transistor radio) and distortion. The order of the
    effects is user-definable.
  • Auto-disabling of unused sections to reduce CPU usage.
Head over to the product page here!