Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thank you SIBA!

Ah, I'm having so much fun! Finally I get to play the game I programmed the audio (and other misc stuff ofcourse :)) for! I'm not as good as the kick-arse players out there, but I end up around 2-10th place all the time atleast!

Then, later on, when Anna's back and everything, we can play Buzz! Right on!

Getting a PsTwo

Should be a task simple enough, no?
Well, it IS a bit tricky.
As "always", elgiganten is the cheapest store. But not one of the three stores in larger gothenburg has a single PS2 in supply. So I went to EB-games to check their stuff out, it costs 1490kr there, while it cost 1290kr at elgiganten. But that's ok, since they got a "lowest price guarantee" at EB. Also, they had a whole bunch of boxes for used ps2's, that only cost 899kr, which seemed fair enough. I asked about those, but they were empty and they didn't have any more used ones in the store. Pah. So I asked about the "lowest price guarantee", which OF COURSE and OBVIOUSLY only was in effect in the same friggin mall. So screw that.

But, SIBA here in Nordstan (which is the mall) had ps2's. For 1390kr. It's 100kr more than at elgiganten, which is a minus. But there's a few pluses as well:
1) It's SIBA.
2) It's not Elgiganten
3) I don't have to travel anywhere to get myself a ps2
4) It's not Elgiganten

So I think I'll go to SIBA shortly and get myself some genuine hardware-fun-stuff.

And oh, earlier today I had this awesome idea. For the next video benny benassi does he should contact me, I could HAMMERDRILL for him. We'll just put some baby oil on my upper arms and hammerdrill away in our apartment. Heck, I could even set up the camera myself and just mail him the vid, he'll most likely appreciate getting it.

And christmas went all well and everything, but the aftermath included a massive headache that didn't want to go away.

Looking forward to when Anna comes home to me, meanwhile, I'll get by! I have all kinds of stuff to do!


Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Chrismukkah!

You’re a bum
You’re a punk
You’re an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
You scumbag, you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy christmas your arse
I pray God it’s our last

T'is the best christmas song ever that one, innit?

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The little electrician!

I'm putting up two new lamps in the bedroom.
We want to be able to dim them with a dimmer, we want to be able to turn them separately on and off by the end of the bed, so that "my" light can be on and Anna's off. Also we wanted to be able to turn them on/off by the bedroom door.

Ofcourse, I knew I somehow had to do a semi-double 3-way switch connection, or as we say in sweden, "trappkoppling".

I ended up deciding on putting a 3-way dimmer by the door and two separate switches, one per lamp, on each side of the bed. Then I consulted my father. After talking to him for a while he decided that he wanted to think for a while about this, and then sent me a picture showing me what to do.

All is good and jolly now, but I need to go to Clas Ohlsons, again, to buy some more cables. I need to put more cable into the walls and I need other cables to use on the outside of the walls. I should've called dad BEFORE going to Clas Ohlson! But now it will be quite easy to do the stuff anyways.



My Hammerdrill SI TEH BACK! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, am I gonna hammerdrill in the ceiling now or what? YES I AM! I SO TOTALLY AM!

Ok, I haven't finished my first cup of coffee yet, so I guess I'm a bit fugged up.

But I am gonna hammerdrill! All over the place? Want a hole?

Get yourself a hammerdrill, because I want mine for myself!


It has a 2 cm hit depth, which is _very_ neat!


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sean Paul Lyrics

Me and Anna has been trying to figure out what Sean Paul sings in the intro of "We Be Burnin'".

What we hear is this:
Just give me the beat, and we'll be clubbin ya'll
Jalla Mänskor Please, and we'll be talking slow

The second lines means "Hurry up people, please", but with two different source languages.

Here's what the hits on google gives me:
Alternative 1:
Just gimme di trees and mek we smoke it yow
It a mek we peace so dont provoke it yow
We nuh need nuh speed so we nah nuh coke it yow
Set yuh mind at ease we gotta take is slow.

Alternative 2:
Just gimme di dees an we be clubbin yo (clubbin yo)
It a mek we please an we be tuggin yo(tuggin yo)
sippin in deh sea an we bubblin yo (bubblin yo)
Set ya mind at ease we gotta take it slow

Alternative 3:
Just gimme di trees and mek we smoke it yow
It a mek we peace so dont provoke it yow
We nuh need nuh speed so we nah nuh coke it yow
Set yuh mind at ease we gotta take is slow.

Alternative 4:
Just gimme the gees an we be clubbin yow.
Gal a make wi please and we be thuggin' now.
Little hennesy an we'll be bubblin yow.
Set we mind at ease we got to take it slow.

The list goes on and on. Basically each hit contains an unique GUESS of what the lyrics might be. Sean, if you're reading this, get in touch with me and tell me what it is that you're trying to sing. We just don't understand your dancehall-english.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The drivers license theory exam. So hoorays and yays for me! And I've done a brief cleaning of the entire apartment. Or. Well. No. Not the bedroom. But the rest!

Monday, November 28, 2005

The white stuff!

It's all here and all fluffy! Took these pictures just a few minutes ago, the flakes makes it harder for the camera though, since they get all bright when they're close to the lense.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


My head so is!

Yesterday me and Mattias went out to "sisjön" and played pinball, drank beer and ate sausage and snacks. I think I lost the pinball competition, but I probably won the beer one. I drank way too much to feel even sligthly alert today, but I did enjoy myself yesterday, which somehow counts a little bit!

Annas two blog posts yesterday rocked! She's trying to tell me that they weren't that funny after all, but I thought they were. And there was a picture of me and everything.

Time to make some coffee to cure the achings!

Monday, November 21, 2005


The "We've been in Halmstad during the weekend" post was probably a better read than the last one. The ducks are kick-arse and everything. I should have more pictures of me myself with ducks taken. I have one with me and some squirrels, I'll try to get that one up.


Lakrits are messing with the god-damn-designer-lamp. Not ok. He should go to bed too.

How long is a cable?

185.2 meters.

Today I've reconnected my speakers with new cables. Ordinary electrical cable, since the audiophiles are clueless. 50meters was used, so I didn't actually use a whole cables length of cable.

Also I've cleaned the kitchen, yay! Waiting for my Panasonic PT-AE700 to get back from the repair shop sucks, got a call today regarding the issue and ETA is in 10-14 days. But atleast I've now gotten rid of most of the cable mess in the living room, and we got some neat christmas ligthing going on, a bit too early, but it's cozy so we don't give a.

Somehow I'm making a tune for a 64k demo that's supposed to be released at trsac. I went electro or something.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

We've been in Halmstad during the weekend

Picture directly stolen from Annas blog!

It is I and them birds!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

SM Compressor 001 beta

Disclaimer: This is only of interest for people using synthmaker or VST plugins when making music.

So, with the latest version of SynthMaker we added a new compressor module to the toolbox.

This is a beta release of that module, but with a customized GUI, and it looks like this:

Main features:
Stereo, two-band compressor.
Four different modes:
Upward compression
Downward compression
Upward expansion
Downward expansion
Soft Saturation on output
Tweakable cross-over frequency
High/Low band compressor output mix
Threshold/attack/release/ratio controls
Tweakable Look-ahead

The graphical bug on the meters is a known bug and we will fix it later on.
Also there's some denormal issues that I will take care of.

Any comments that can be useful to me (and the rest of the SynthMaker team, but primarily me since I'm responsible for the compressor :)) are most welcome.

Get the dll!

Thread about the compressor module here.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Here come them bling-blings

AdSense earnings: $0.01


I'm expecting an exponential increase and world domination.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Road signs

There's 164 regular ones. Different ones. And then the supplementary signs. And the "other signs" as well.

Fortunately, almost all of the signs are self-explanatory.

Today, I've been quite a good boy. Got up at 8, had a driving lesson at 10.15, bought Anna some literature on the way home, cleaned up the apartment after the "post-exam party" Annas class had yesterday, and now I'm studying.

Getting hungry though. Anna mentioned junk-food before going to the university, I hope she still has the cravings for it when she gets home.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Party = no party

Ok. So I'm taking driving lessons now. The next one tomorrow at 10.15.

Which means that I can't party in the middle of the week. Which is ok. But there's a party in our apartment right now. And seriously, it's boring to not be able to party when everyone else is getting drunk. Darnit. So I try to hide here, by the computer. But they will find me, I just know they will. And drag me back to the party, where I'm the boring guy.

Thing is, it's easy to have fun while being sober. And while being drunk. What's hard is to have fun with people that are drunk when you're not. You're just not at the same level (or lack of level) as the rest.

I might post some recordings I made later on.

Here's a quote from one I made (they didn't know I was recording):
"Kan ni spela delsboligan? Eller vasani?
Va sa vi?
Kan ni spela delsboligan?
Han sa "det är som att ligga med min flickvän"
Jaha... Skiiiitirerå!"


Driving lesson

Was great fun. I've already been driving in korsvägen! So there! HAH! (this was the first time I drove in traffic for about 10 years).


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This is so fat. Now I'll get rich by blogging. Because I got AdSense. So far I've earned $0.00, so it can only get better from here. Awesome. Serious, kick-ass awesome.

Today I visited a game developer here in Gothenburg. Which was really nice. Yesterday Jorge helped me in coding components in SynthMaker, which was fun. KVR has been boring lately, too little interesting DSP talk :)

Robert and Oscar seems to think I don't blog often enough. But wtf, Oscar writes about 10 posts per day, so he doesn't get a say in this.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

London = soptipp?

Ok, so Malcolm is another SynthMaker developer and I was explaining how to reduce aliasing noise in a wavetable oscillator by "cheating" and integrating the waveform and using the average over time instead of ordinary sampled data. And suddenly this happened...

22:30:59 malc: integrate as in maths?

22:31:00 steffo: Ok :(
22:31:13 steffo: Yeah, loop through the wave and do this
22:31:29 steffo: Sample[i] = sample[i-1] + sample[i]
22:31:37 steffo: That's discrete integration that is!
22:31:51 steffo: You probably want to start at i == 1 :)

22:32:12 malc: thanks for the tip

22:32:31 steffo: So, you want something that does this each time you load a sample

22:33:01 malc: ok...hmm...can we do this in SM I wonder

22:33:36 steffo: Hm. There's no code stage that triggers on compile...
22:33:41 steffo: Or such...

22:33:58 malc: stage 1 I think

22:34:09 steffo: Anna has chosen a swedish word for you to learn. Mainly because she's bored :)
soptipp is the word
22:34:19 steffo: It's pronounced soup-tip

22:35:11 malc: ok.....and it means?

22:35:35 steffo: Dump? Garbage dump? Or whatever you call it. London?

22:35:54 malc: we always called it the tip

22:35:56 steffo: Anna just told me that we can come and visit and stay at your place, in soptipp

22:36:00 malc: (no soup involved)

22:36:21 steffo: "The tip", why the the? Is there only one? London?

22:36:31 malc: Oh, I get it now

22:36:32 steffo: There's plenty of soptippar here, but just one capital city

22:36:40 steffo: Which you call the tip???

Oh well...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Word verification min stjärt!

Wtf? How am I supposed to do word verification on something like this?

And no, it's not "wwksnel"... That one failed. Oh. Anna says it should be "vwwksnel", oh well.


My parents are now goners. It was nice having them here, and we managed to get rid of the freezer we had in the living room and the broken dish washer in the kitchen. We've added two cupboards in the kitchen, one in the ceiling and one that we used to extend our kitchen sink to 160cm, we also integrated our _working_ dish washer into that one, which turned out great. My dad fixed two power outlets as well, so now all you visitors don't have to be scared of getting an electrical shock when being here. The last thing we did was that me and my dad went to Askim (of all places) and bought a new tube of gas.

All in all, a very good weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Almost done

With the review of Blue, and it was actually quite fun to write this one. Even if I slag it off more than people probably expect me to. And that's what I stayed home doing yesterday night while Anna was out with Oscar, Robert and a bunch of chicks I really don't know at all.

Tomorrow my parents are coming to stay here until sunday, which is good, because we need to get rid of this old freezer we have standing in the living room. We have no use for it, eventhough it's from the 60's and still working. If you want it, give us a holler. We might even get around to get a new board for the kitchen bench, we need to elongate it a bit so that we can mount the dishwasher under the bench. But I think mom and dad wants to see more of Gothenburg this time, and not just do chores, like they usually get to do when they visit :)

And, oh! On the 31th I'll be having my first driving lesson, I've booked the first 20, usually two in a row per day, so hopefully I'll be having a drivers lesson soon enough. I'll be the master of korsvägen! Or so I've heard...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The computer is here

It arrived yesterday at 18:10, so I took the tram out to hisingen. The hisingen tram sucks, but it's nice to have a working computer again. Now I just need to get all my equipment hooked up and running again, shouldn't take too long.

Helene and Johan was here for lunch and socializing, which was nice, and I might do something tonight with Mattias, but we'll see. Anna still doesn't know if she'll be going out or not, and I don't want to leave her being all alone. Granted, the three of us could always do something together!

Update: We'll meet up at noon and hang there!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nice party

Anna had a party in the apartment yesterday. About 20 or so of her class mates was here when me and Mattias got back from playing pool, pinball and dancing on dance mats. I won all pool rounds, lost all pinball rounds and totally sucked at dance mat. But whattahey, I still kicked arse in pool.

The party was really nice actually, Anna's got nice class mates, and the apartment wasn't messy at all when you consider how many people that were here. Most people left around half past eleven or so and moved on to a club called "nivå", later on, when me, Anna and Oscar went there as well we couldn't find them. So obviously, everyone had left. I must say that nivå is probably the single worst club I've ever sat foot in. It was just awful. Eventhough I liked some of the tunes they were playing and so forth, the people and the "setting" got me in a detesting mood. But I guess most clubs along avenyn (the "main" street in gothenburg) are just as bad. I prefer the indie/synth/ebm/gabber clubs :)

Today I've been a good boy, eventhough I got up kindof late, I cleaned up the apartment, so all cans and bottles and plastic bags etc are goners now. I even went out and bought new light bulbs for the crystal chandelier that I put up yesterday. Now we actually have got some decent lightning in the living room, so yay for that!

A new version of Synthmaker (see my links section) was released today, actually including some stuff made by me, also, Vemberaudios ( new synth is coming out. Unfortunately, since my computer broke down and I still haven't got the new one, my patches for it can't be included in this initial release. Hopefully we'll be able to release them later on, in an update or a patch pack.

A new modem from Bredbandsbolaget has arrived, but I can't pick it up until after 17:00, so it'll have to wait. Hopefully this will mean that we'll be able to have internet AND phone access simultaenously, but I somehow doubt it :)

Anna's out caféing with her sister, and later on she got other business to attend to. I guess I'll have to try some more errands to take care of in the mean time. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


First off: Thanks to Eris for the design. If I only could figure out how to get rid of the background without adding bugs. Now on to the whining.

How tiresome is this?
One of our neighbours has got two storage compartments. We have none. The manager says that none should have two compartments, and yet they refuse to give theirs up. So here we are, having all our (mostly mine though, I'm the one bying computers, stereos and whatnots) boxes spread out in the apartment. We said (to the neighbours) that they could keep stuff in the compartment, but that they can't keep the actual compartment as theirs. They just got mad and said that we'd speak to each other no more.

Also, our insurance company (länsförsäkringar) won't help us fixing the floor. We were in Halmstad over the weekend, and when we got home, our brass lamp had dropped down on the floor, leaving a hole in the wood. But Länsförsäkringar will only help us if the floor is damaged by water or fire, according to themselves. I called up Trygghansa, who said that they would cover these kinds of issues. I've been with Trygghansa in the past, and they are much more of a "no-questions-asked" company. We will most likely switch back to them. They are a bit more expensive, otoh, they seem to be much more helpful and the excess is lower.

Still no computer, last word is that it should be here on the 14th or 15th. Somehow I have doubts, but am hoping for the best.

Goddamn this apartment is a mess...

PS. So I write in English (Anna doesn't, nor does her classmates. I aim for the international market though...), sue me. DS.