Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Getting a PsTwo

Should be a task simple enough, no?
Well, it IS a bit tricky.
As "always", elgiganten is the cheapest store. But not one of the three stores in larger gothenburg has a single PS2 in supply. So I went to EB-games to check their stuff out, it costs 1490kr there, while it cost 1290kr at elgiganten. But that's ok, since they got a "lowest price guarantee" at EB. Also, they had a whole bunch of boxes for used ps2's, that only cost 899kr, which seemed fair enough. I asked about those, but they were empty and they didn't have any more used ones in the store. Pah. So I asked about the "lowest price guarantee", which OF COURSE and OBVIOUSLY only was in effect in the same friggin mall. So screw that.

But, SIBA here in Nordstan (which is the mall) had ps2's. For 1390kr. It's 100kr more than at elgiganten, which is a minus. But there's a few pluses as well:
1) It's SIBA.
2) It's not Elgiganten
3) I don't have to travel anywhere to get myself a ps2
4) It's not Elgiganten

So I think I'll go to SIBA shortly and get myself some genuine hardware-fun-stuff.

And oh, earlier today I had this awesome idea. For the next video benny benassi does he should contact me, I could HAMMERDRILL for him. We'll just put some baby oil on my upper arms and hammerdrill away in our apartment. Heck, I could even set up the camera myself and just mail him the vid, he'll most likely appreciate getting it.

And christmas went all well and everything, but the aftermath included a massive headache that didn't want to go away.

Looking forward to when Anna comes home to me, meanwhile, I'll get by! I have all kinds of stuff to do!



anna said...

Gunnar Stefan Hållén, du är då bra dum!

Älskar dig!

oscar said...

Då var det dig jag såg springa omkring på siba i nordstan förvirrad häromdagen.....vågade inte hälsa eftersom jag var osäker.

Stefan said...

Osäkra människor vågar inte, och FÅR inte, hälsa på oss andra säkra människor. Men det du sa stämmer nog iaf, så plus i kanten för det!

Anna: och jag dig! ffs!