Sunday, December 18, 2005

The little electrician!

I'm putting up two new lamps in the bedroom.
We want to be able to dim them with a dimmer, we want to be able to turn them separately on and off by the end of the bed, so that "my" light can be on and Anna's off. Also we wanted to be able to turn them on/off by the bedroom door.

Ofcourse, I knew I somehow had to do a semi-double 3-way switch connection, or as we say in sweden, "trappkoppling".

I ended up deciding on putting a 3-way dimmer by the door and two separate switches, one per lamp, on each side of the bed. Then I consulted my father. After talking to him for a while he decided that he wanted to think for a while about this, and then sent me a picture showing me what to do.

All is good and jolly now, but I need to go to Clas Ohlsons, again, to buy some more cables. I need to put more cable into the walls and I need other cables to use on the outside of the walls. I should've called dad BEFORE going to Clas Ohlson! But now it will be quite easy to do the stuff anyways.


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