Tuesday, October 25, 2005

London = soptipp?

Ok, so Malcolm is another SynthMaker developer and I was explaining how to reduce aliasing noise in a wavetable oscillator by "cheating" and integrating the waveform and using the average over time instead of ordinary sampled data. And suddenly this happened...

22:30:59 malc: integrate as in maths?

22:31:00 steffo: Ok :(
22:31:13 steffo: Yeah, loop through the wave and do this
22:31:29 steffo: Sample[i] = sample[i-1] + sample[i]
22:31:37 steffo: That's discrete integration that is!
22:31:51 steffo: You probably want to start at i == 1 :)

22:32:12 malc: thanks for the tip

22:32:31 steffo: So, you want something that does this each time you load a sample

22:33:01 malc: ok...hmm...can we do this in SM I wonder

22:33:36 steffo: Hm. There's no code stage that triggers on compile...
22:33:41 steffo: Or such...

22:33:58 malc: stage 1 I think

22:34:09 steffo: Anna has chosen a swedish word for you to learn. Mainly because she's bored :)
soptipp is the word
22:34:19 steffo: It's pronounced soup-tip

22:35:11 malc: ok.....and it means?

22:35:35 steffo: Dump? Garbage dump? Or whatever you call it. London?

22:35:54 malc: we always called it the tip

22:35:56 steffo: Anna just told me that we can come and visit and stay at your place, in soptipp

22:36:00 malc: (no soup involved)

22:36:21 steffo: "The tip", why the the? Is there only one? London?

22:36:31 malc: Oh, I get it now

22:36:32 steffo: There's plenty of soptippar here, but just one capital city

22:36:40 steffo: Which you call the tip???

Oh well...

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oscar said...

Gillar att du använder dig av ditt rätta namn. Lol.