Monday, November 21, 2005

How long is a cable?

185.2 meters.

Today I've reconnected my speakers with new cables. Ordinary electrical cable, since the audiophiles are clueless. 50meters was used, so I didn't actually use a whole cables length of cable.

Also I've cleaned the kitchen, yay! Waiting for my Panasonic PT-AE700 to get back from the repair shop sucks, got a call today regarding the issue and ETA is in 10-14 days. But atleast I've now gotten rid of most of the cable mess in the living room, and we got some neat christmas ligthing going on, a bit too early, but it's cozy so we don't give a.

Somehow I'm making a tune for a 64k demo that's supposed to be released at trsac. I went electro or something.


anna said...

Älskling, vem fan tror du vill veta någonting öht om dina satans kablar? Och en annan sak:

det är ingen annan än du som förstår hela en kabellängd grejen. Det där får du hålla för dig själv. Puss!

Stefan said...

Vafan, jag postade ju en länk till susning som hade en förklaring! Vilket jag inte ens trodde de skulle ha!