Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Party = no party

Ok. So I'm taking driving lessons now. The next one tomorrow at 10.15.

Which means that I can't party in the middle of the week. Which is ok. But there's a party in our apartment right now. And seriously, it's boring to not be able to party when everyone else is getting drunk. Darnit. So I try to hide here, by the computer. But they will find me, I just know they will. And drag me back to the party, where I'm the boring guy.

Thing is, it's easy to have fun while being sober. And while being drunk. What's hard is to have fun with people that are drunk when you're not. You're just not at the same level (or lack of level) as the rest.

I might post some recordings I made later on.

Here's a quote from one I made (they didn't know I was recording):
"Kan ni spela delsboligan? Eller vasani?
Va sa vi?
Kan ni spela delsboligan?
Han sa "det är som att ligga med min flickvän"
Jaha... Skiiiitirerå!"


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