Sunday, May 07, 2006

In the summer time when the weather is hot

Ah! What a mighty fine weekend! On friday me, Anna, Mattias and two friends of ours hung out in Slottskogen, then afterwards me and Mattias went clubbing (where we also met a few, variously knackered, work-mates of mine, a good night out it was!). On saturday me and Anna went to Röda Sten with Anna's sister and her boyfriend, followed by a visit to hagabion's café for some leisure-filled dining. Then today we went to Slottskogen again. Oh how we adore that place. Hooked up with Mattias again, and a while later two friends of his joined us. Met a few other friends while being there as well. The perfect place for people-you-know-spotting I dare say!

Anyhoo, time to put an end to this marvelous weekend.

PS. Right! Almost forgot, I must have a brain-melt (which, ofcourse, is the opposite of brain-freeze but about just as bad, perfomance-wise) because my memory is slipping. The nice temperature log is courtesy of DS.

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