Monday, June 05, 2006

Our castle!

Check it out, as I previously promised, here's some swell photographs from when me and Anna went up to "Annedals castle" or whatever it might be called. I've wanted to go up there for quite some time, and when I finally got around to do it, Anna wanted to join me!

I do not know what the building actually is supposed to be or why it was built. It has got no windows and its only entrance is firmly and securely bolted shut. IF I'd HAVE to venture a guess I'd say that they probably locked some Swedish-norwegian (from the time of the alliance) wizard and/or witch in there, so that they'd stop pestering the boys and girls of Annedal. But I'm not really sure about this, and I have never heard any such story about our small castle.

The "sunny view" picture looks out over Nilssonsberg (where we live) and you can see another "castle" (more of a fortification really) called Skansen Kronan.

The picture from my birthday party sucked really hard, so I won't put them up here.


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