Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google Spreadsheets

Heh. They just keep on roaming, don't they? Now they've basically started entering the "office suite" territory for real. Google Spreadsheets supports both xls and cvs, online collabitory spreadsheets, shared spreadsheets etc.

The only things I still find somewhat missing from Googles products is a more centralized approach (I don't want to open a whole lot of browser windows just to both see my mail, get calendar notifications and so forth) and GUI customization. Compare for instance Google's Personlized Home with Netvibes. Choosable templates or something similar would be the bomb.

There's been a pooload of discussions in media in Sweden about the current state of our copyright laws and its issues. It's the expected aftermath after the raid on The Pirate Bay. I have lots of comments on the subject but I'd like to sort some of the out some more before commenting on the matter.

Not sure I will do it even then. I prefer talking about hammer drills and inflatable armchairs!!!

OOOOOH. I hope there one day will be inflatable hammer drills and whatnots!

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