Thursday, September 07, 2006

The new internet users

So I've been thinking, discussing and done some random pondering.
If the Data retention directive that has been passed within the European Union stands, internet anonymity service such as relakks and would basically not work any longer, since all operators would have to log all their users activities. What would then the next logical step be? To move the anonymity service provides outside of the union ofcourse. We'd end up having the mainstream (yes, the mainstream are criminals and most likely most people don't want anyone keeping track of what they do, what they read, who they make phone calls to, who they mail etc) going underground, but not just underground within the country. But abroad. Instead of like now, when it's still possible to have some kind of grasp of the underground where most of the serious online (and other communication channels besides the internet as well) illegal activities are going on, almost everyone would go underground, just to stay away from the governments surveillance of their people. Some would probably make their phone calls solely via anonymous internet connections, just to avoid having their communications and whereabouts monitored by the telephone company, and in the longer run, the police/government.

Regardless of how "wrong" for instance piracy is, we have to remember that more than a tenth of the Swedish population are actively performing it. Since it can constitute for a sentence of up to two years in prison, and since it with the upcoming surveillance law changes will be possible to secretely monitor not just the main suspect, but also anyone within the suspects social network, which means that even if you're not into copyright infringement or any other illegal activites you still might end up on the police's radar, because most likely, someone you know is.

Bottom line is that the surveillance and data retention directive will create an internet that can't be surveilled, where you can't keep track of any communications. And by then, the winners are the criminals that should matter (think organized crime etc), because they can do their stuff where everybody else is doing theirs.

PS. Sorry, I usually don't blog about important stuff, I hope I did not bore you. DS.

Edit: I'd like to leave you with this question: What happens to a society if it's citizens actively and constantly avoid beeing seen by the government and police? What trust is there left? Would it still feel like a free society? Give it some thought.


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