Friday, August 11, 2006

Gear Lust Got Me

Dang. And about such a silly thing too.

A remote control.

Me... wants.... it....

The best part is that the two cheapest models are the ones I find the coolest (prices range from about €55 to €350 or so).

With this remote we could replace the current three residing on the living room table. And yes, we have to use all three. All the time... Change from watching a DVD to watching a VHS? You need to click around on all three. And so it goes.

With this remote you could just choose "Watch DVD" and it'd take care of the rest for us. And same goes "Listen to music" and for everything else.

Now that I've looked some more at the two models (the one on the pic, which is the 525, and the one that is a little bit fancier, the 550) I'm quite confident that I prefer the 525! And I know that Anna would like it if it wasn't such a hassle to handle all those electronic gadget (and yes, it is a hassle, I want a simpler solution as well). I just wonder if I can control the Xbox with it as well... (or the PS3 for that matter, when that day comes!)

Alright, enough of the commercial breaks for a while...


fancyhans said...

If i managed to make my stinking samsung remote work with xbox this one should too. The xbox remote is RCA protocol 5, so just find the RCA codea for your remote and try them.
The XBMC also have an option to debug the IR codes sent from the RC and so you can from there keymap more or less anything your RC sends at the RCA P5 to the xbox for total control.

Stefan said...

Aha! A trick question!

Thanks fancy :) Might go and pick this one up today (suggested retail price 999sek, price at many stores 500-600sek)