Friday, August 18, 2006

Order on the internet ffs...

As I wrote in a previous post, this monday I ordered the Harmony 525. I ordered it from Dustin Home. When doing so I carefully read about their order handling etc.

They have three different statuses on their products; in stock, 1-2 days, not in stock. The Harmony had the 1-2 days status, which, according to their own delivery terms means that they usually deliver it within 1-2 days. In stock means that they deliver it immedietly. Not in stock means that it can take some time.

When looking at my orders status on their homepage today, nothing had changed. So I sent them an mail asking them if I had done something wrong or if there were any problems.

They replied:
We got a preliminary delivery date set to the 25th of august. You should have your order 1-2 days after that.

I, quite irritated, wrote back to them:
Uhm, ok?
So why does it not say "not in stock" on the product description? I will now get my order in 2 weeks instead of in 1-2 days. There's quite a difference.
Not that there's anything I really can do about it. Except get pissed off that is. I'd say they're all jameses. They could've atleast apologized. Maybe they will now that I wrote back to them. We'll see.

They replied:
I see it now too. Our supplier does indeed have this in stock, so the previous stated date seems to be wrong. We should now be able to deliver the remote control early this next coming week.
So why do I have to wait a week then, if the status indeed was 1-2 days and their supplier indeed has it in stock? (which is what I asked them in my reply just now).

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