Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big Brothers

I read "silverfiskens" blog post about when he was a kid and got a dart arrow in his head. There's something special about big brothers I guess, and how they somehow by some kind of misfortune'ish mishap manages to hurt their little brothers.

I remember this one time when me and my brother was at home alone. Our father had a very old air gun somewhere in the garage. We weren't allowed to use it since it was so old and not quite working properly. No worries, because when the parents are away you're allowed to do anything you want. So my bigger brother got the air gun and then we stood side by side on the terrace when suddenly there was this small bang and a very sudden but oh so perceivable pain in my foot.

I clearly remember sitting in the upper bathroom pouring cold water over my foot. One could see the bone in the hole, it was very white (probably due to the water flushing away the blood as well). Luckily, the gun was in very bad shape and the bullet entered the skin, hit the bone, and bounced back and hit my brother as well. So I figured there at least was some sort of justice left in this world!

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