Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I've recently started using statcounter's services to keep an eye on how many visitors I get both here and on my googlepages. What I find particulary neat is how they summarize and differentiate unique visitors, pageloads and returning visitors, both per day and weekly/monthly etc. Plus that I can keep track of from where each user is coming from.

As an interesting sidenote, I usually have been getting something like five unique visitors per day. Until I made a post about Google Calendar (which still rocks, and, might I add, still got me all excited. didn't QUITE get Anna as excited though :)) earlier today, and ended up getting 16 unique visitors instead. Because people have been searching the blogs about Google Calendar stuff.

You're all a bunch of freaks, you hear?!

Anyways, time to install some statcounter stuff for Anna as well, cheerio!

(There was another poster from the same movie, but the midget reference felt a bit off...)

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